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Human Resources


My focus is on HR Management and how it can add value to the company's goals. I help companies in regard to strategic and operational challenges along the employee lifecycle. This inculde topics such as competence, project and talent management as well as the following topics:

Diagnostics & Assessment

Performance Management

Corporate Learning

Work Design

I stand for well-developed diagnostic and observation skills, the ability to evaluate performance and to communicate in a clear and diplomatic way.

Human Resources


I support companies in their change and learning processes - from strategy and planning to implementation. This include topics such as:

Organizational Transformation

Leadership Culture

Change Management

I stand for professional project management and conceptual strength, with a good ability to analyze and evaluate combined with openness and the ability to work in teams.

Business & Life


As a coach, I support people in their professional and personal development. I  support my clients to recognize their strengths and to develop further. My clients are very diverse with regards to age, industry and level. My coaching services include:

Competence Development

Career Orientation

New Placement

Application Support

I stand for a resource-activating, agile, and digital mindset in my way of working.


Sandra Sester
Phone: +49 (0) 211 163 560 10