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Human Resources


My expertise lies in HR Management, where I am dedicated to enhancing its contribution to the achievement of company goals. I specialize in assisting companies with both strategic and operational challenges throughout the entire employee lifecycle. This encompasses a wide array of areas, including competence management, project management, talent management, and other pertinent subjects such as: 

I am committed to leveraging well-honed diagnostic and observation skills, coupled with the capacity to assess performance effectively. My communication style is characterized by clarity and diplomacy, enabling me to convey insights and feedback in a manner that fosters understanding and collaboration.



I provide support to companies throughout their change and learning processes, offering comprehensive assistance from the initial stages of strategy development and meticulous planning to the seamless implementation of transformative initiatives. My areas of expertise encompass not only strategic guidance but also hands-on involvement in critical aspects such as:

By combining strategic insight with practical implementation, I ensure that companies not only navigate change successfully but also cultivate a resilient and adaptable organizational culture.  

I am an advocate for professional project management and possess conceptual strength, coupled with a keen ability to analyze and evaluate situations. My approach is characterized by openness and a strong aptitude for collaborative teamwork.

Business & wingwave


As a coach, my mission is to guide individuals in both their professional and personal development journeys. I specialize in helping clients recognize their inherent strengths and empowering them to continue evolving. My clientele is diverse, spanning various ages, industries, and organizational levels. The range of coaching services I offer encompasses: 

By offering this diverse range of coaching services, I aim to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of each client, fostering holistic development in both their professional and personal spheres. 

I stand for a resource-activating, agile, and digital mindset in my way of working.


Sandra Sester
Phone: +49 (0) 211 163 560 10