Target Audience

Who I advice.

Large corporations, SMEs and start-ups

I specialize in transformation and optimization projects within (HR) functions, catering to companies of all sizes and stages. Whether it's startups seeking to professionalize their HR services early on, SMEs or public institutions aiming to enhance and evolve their HR functions, or corporate groups in need of external support, I am equipped to address diverse needs.

My involvement takes on various roles, including that of a consultant, project member, coach, or interim employee. This versatility allows me to adapt to the unique requirements of each client, providing tailored solutions to drive positive changes in their HR processes and functions.

Leadership & Professionals

I provide support to employees, managers, teams, and departments in the implementation of change and development projects. This assistance is delivered through various channels, whether within a project team setting (such as training courses and workshops) or in private one-on-one sessions (for activities like coaching for skill development or career orientation).

A fundamental principle guiding my approach is the recognition that 'one size fits all' solutions are not effective. Hence, it is crucial for me to consult with clients, taking into account their individual circumstances and unique challenges. This personalized approach ensures that the support provided aligns seamlessly with the specific needs and goals of each client, fostering a more effective and meaningful change and development process.

Students and Graduates

Students and graduates encounter a myriad of challenges throughout and after their studies, from choosing a field of study or major to considering study alternatives, selecting secondary education paths, deciding on volunteer opportunities or studying abroad, and navigating internship and job entry choices.

Understanding and exploring these options are vital for making informed decisions and commitments. Through the application of psychologically sound talent analysis, I provide valuable support to young individuals in their decision-making processes and future career planning. My approach is holistic, fair, transparent, individualized, and personal, ensuring that each person receives tailored guidance that aligns with their unique strengths, aspirations, and circumstances.

Management Consultancies

As a freelancer, I am delighted to offer my support to management consultancies with personnel requirements for the execution of client projects or expertise in specific areas. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with and contribute to strengthening your team. My diverse skill set and expertise position me to seamlessly integrate into your projects, delivering valuable insights and solutions to meet your clients' needs.


Sandra Sester
Phone: +49 (0) 211 163 560 10