Target Audience

Who I advice.

Large corporations, SMEs and start-ups

I work in transformation and optimization projects of HR functions across all company sizes and stages. At start-ups, which want to professionalize HR services at an early stage, for SMEs or public institutions that want to optimize and further develop the HR function, and for corporate groups that require external support. I work in different capacities: As consultant, project member, coach or interim employee.


I support employees, managers, teams and departments to implement change and development projects - this can be done within a project team (e.g. training courses, workshops) or in confidential one-on-one sessions (e.g. coaching for skill development or career orientation). It is important for me to consult my clients by taking their individual circumstances into consideration because 'one size fits all' solutions do not work.

Students and Graduates

Students and graduates face multiple challenges during or after their studies: Which field of study or major? Are there any study alternatives? Which secondary education? Volunteer year or study abroad? Which internship and which job entry?

Knowing one's options is one of the most important parts to make profound decisions and commitments. With the help of a psychologically sound talent analysis, I give young people support in their decision-making and future career planning - in an holistic, fair, transparent, individual and personal manner.

Management Consultancies

As a freelancer, I am very happy to support management consultancies that have personnel requirements for the implementation of client projects or for specific and specialist topics. I look forward to work with and strengthen your in a team.


Sandra Sester
Phone: +49 (0) 211 163 560 10