Human Resources Transformation

I support companies in the transformation of their HR function - including strategy, projects, processes, roles and core services.

Organizational Transformation

I support my clients to become sustainable - this includes very different projects with regards to transformational topics. I am convinced that curiosity, change of perspective, optimization potential, and courage are necessary to succeed. I help my clients in their projects, wheater it's about changing the culture, developing personnel strategies or designing talent processes.

Leadership &        Change Management

When implementing changes, it is important to strengthen the power of the key positions. When conducting change, corporate strategy, organizational structure, processes, competencies and culture should be brought into balance. While focussing on the facts of change, I also implement specific actions to foster transparency and approval of the employees. Key positions and supervisors can be empowered to support the success of change initiatives.


Sandra Sester
Phone: +49 (0)211 163 560 10