Wingwave Coaching

The Wingwave Method

Taking Successful Action through Insights from new Brain Research

The wingwave method represents an effective coaching tool, leading to noticeable changes for the coachee in just a few sessions, whether in reducing performance stress or enhancing creativity, mental fitness, and conflict stability. The crucial effect is achieved through a seemingly simple basic intervention: inducing "awake" Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phases, which typically occur only during nighttime dreaming. In this process, the coach guides the coachee's gaze with rapid horizontal eye movements.

According to insights from neuroscience, these awake eye movements, unlike a fixed gaze, trigger significant stress reductions in various brain regions. They notably activate the prefrontal cortex in the cerebral cortex in a beneficial manner, enhancing connectivity between brain hemispheres and different brain areas. Thus, eye-induced motion proves to be an effective trigger for positive "waves." The achieved resource effect makes the wingwave method an impactful instrument for bringing about success and unfolding personal potentials

Diverse Application Areas and Contexts of Wingwave Coaching

The wingwave method is successfully applied in various domains, including business, competitive sports, education, healthcare, and artistic circles. Frequently, this innovative method is integrated with established coaching approaches, with coaches considering it a significant tool in their coaching toolkit. Standard coaching elements such as goal setting, coaching sessions, and success assessments are incorporated in the context of wingwave.

It's important to note that wingwave coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy and cannot replace such services.

My work as a wingwave coach

As a wingwave coach, my central goal is to support you on the journey to mental strength in all areas of life. By specifically identifying and immediately resolving 'obstacles' such as blockages, inhibitions, and emotions (fear, stress, sadness, etc.), I create space for your mental strength. In my role as a coach, I work empathetically to assist in achieving individual goals, whether it involves transforming or reinforcing behaviors or reaching specific objectives.