Business & Wingwave Coaching

I support my coachees in realizing their individual development and change projects. My focus is on the triad of people, organization and team. My goal is to activate personal resources and find suitable and individual solutions. The objectives and techniques of Coaching can be diverse. 

Competence Development

The demands placed on individuals within organizations have reached unprecedented levels of complexity and ambiguity in the contemporary landscape. Employees are expected to embody a multitude of qualities—flexibility yet assertiveness, collaboration alongside goal-oriented focus, proficiency in digital technologies paired with empathetic leadership, and a blend of creativity and conscientiousness. Competency-focused coaching addresses individual developmental areas, aiding in the resolution of apparent contradictions in the realm of required business skills. This approach proves instrumental in successfully and efficiently navigating new professional or personal challenges.

Career orientation

Deciding on our career path can often prove more challenging than making professional decisions in our day-to-day work. The multitude of possibilities, perspectives, scenarios, and consequences can create a barrier to making clear decisions about our future. Achieving the right decision involves recognizing one's own career pattern and differentiating individual interests, motivators, values, and goals.

As a Coach, I specialize in supporting both young professionals and executives in taking their next crucial steps—approaching these decisions thoughtfully, with strategic planning, and a sense of confidence. Through a tailored and insightful coaching process, individuals gain clarity on their career trajectory, allowing them to make informed and purposeful decisions aligned with their personal and professional aspirations.

New Placement & Application Support

Providing comprehensive support for an individual's application process is intricately tied to a career reorientation. In today's landscape, numerous companies employ intricate diagnostic selection processes, often instilling a sense of apprehension in many individuals. Throughout the entire application journey, from researching potential positions to crafting application documents, participating in assessment interviews, and concluding with the signing of the final contract, I am there to guide.

My approach extends beyond the mere quality of documents and procedural aspects. I place equal emphasis on fostering self-reflection, enhancing self-confidence, and ensuring the overall job satisfaction of my clients. By addressing both the tangible and intangible aspects of the application process, I strive to empower individuals to not only secure the right position but also embark on a fulfilling and satisfying career path.

Wingwave Coaching

The inspiring short-term coaching for everyone.

The well researched Wingwave Method, renowned for its effectiveness in reducing performance stress and fostering creativity, comes to life in coaching sessions. Through targeted hand movements that activate "awake" REM phases, positive "waves" are triggered in the brain. The result? A clear path to emotional balance and personal well-being. It may sound peculiar, indeed! However, its efficacy is explainable and supported by scientific evidence.


Sandra Sester
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