Business & Life Coaching

I support my coachees in realizing their individual development and change projects. My focus is on the triad of people, organization and team. My goal is to activate personal resources and find suitable and individual solutions. The objectives and techniques of Coaching can be diverse. It can also take place via phone or video call.

Competence Development

The requirements on people in organizations have never been more complex and ambiguous than nowadays. Employees should be flexible but assertive, collaborative but goal-oriented, master digital technologies and simultaneously show empathetic leadership styles, be creative but conscientious. Coaching in the sense of enhancing competencies focuses on individual development areas and helps to overcome the apparent contradictions of required business skills. This helps to successfully and efficiently master new professional or private challenges. 

Career orientation

It is often difficult for us to make decisions about our own career opportunities than to make professional decisions in our everyday work. The variety of possibilities, perspectives, scenarios and consequences can hinder us to take a clear decision on our future. To make the right decision it is important to recognize one's own career pattern, as well as to differentiate the individual interests, motivators, values ​​and goals.  As a Coach I support young professionals as well as executives to take the next important step - in a thoughtful, planned and confident manner.

New Placement & Application Support

The sufficient support of an individual application process is closely linked to a career reorientation. Many companies rightly rely on complex diagnostic selection processes that create an unusual feeling of fear in many people. I accompany people during their entire application process - from the research for possible positions to the preparation of the application documents and assessment interviews to the signing of the final contract. I support not the quality of documents and processes but also the self-reflection, self-confidence and job satisfaction of my clients.


Sandra Sester
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