Who I am.

Sandra Sester

I am a qualified psychologist with a diverse professional background that includes roles as a consultant, lecturer, and business coach. My focus lies in advising both companies and individuals on organizational and personal development goals. Within my areas of expertise, I specialize in psychological diagnostics (assessment services), competence and talent management, covering the entire employee lifecycle as well as transformation and organizational change.

In my capacity as an business coach, I provide support to employees and managers in developing competencies, overcoming leadership challenges, facilitating individual career orientation, and navigating application processes.

My academic foundation includes bachelor's and master's degrees in Psychology from esteemed institutions, including Columbia University in New York City. Following my academic pursuits, I gained valuable experience in management consulting before transitioning to a freelance consultant and (interim) roles. Throughout my career, I have worked with large corporations, SMEs, public institutions, and start-ups across diverse industries, contributing to their success in various capacities.

Selected partners

I work with selected partners who complement my skills and resources.

Organizational Development

Katharina Reischenberger

As an expert in change management, development strategies, and personnel management, Katharina supports individuals and companies in their learning and transformation processes. Her specialized areas encompass employability management, change management, leadership development, resilience, and performance and competence development. With a keen understanding of these critical facets, Katharina is dedicated to facilitating meaningful growth and sustainable transformation for both individuals and organizations.

Digital Learning & Automization

Nico Bitzer

Nico is a dedicated expert and consultant specializing in learning strategies, learning design, and blended learning concepts. In his entrepreneurial venture, "bots and people," he has been instrumental in the development of an 'Automation Academy' since 2020. Through this initiative, Nico actively supports companies in upskilling their workforce to automate repetitive tasks. The ultimate goal is to liberate valuable time for individuals, allowing them to focus more on honing emotional and creative skills. With a passion for innovative learning solutions, Nico is at the forefront of empowering organizations to thrive in an increasingly automated landscape.

Organizational Development & Coaching

Jenny Skarlatos

Jenny, with a focus on change management, organizational development, diagnostics, and communication, serves as a consultant and coach, providing valuable support to companies. She is highly regarded by her clients for her analytical and methodical abilities, coupled with her strong team spirit. Jenny's expertise lies in personal development and organizational change, and she is dedicated to facilitating positive transformations within individuals and the broader organizational context. Her approach combines analytical insight with a collaborative spirit, making her a trusted partner for companies navigating complex change initiatives.

Corporate Learning & Development

Dr. Naima Rüther

As a PhD Neuropsychologist, Trainer, and Systemic Coach (ECA), Naima passionately weaves together the intricate threads of learning psychology. Her methods are not only engaging and enjoyable but also intricately designed to support the brain in the learning process. Naima brings a unique blend of theoretical expertise and practical insights from various industries, creating a dynamic and effective approach to learning that bridges the gap between academic knowledge and real-world business practices.

Science & Methodology

International School of Management Gmbh

In my role as a Lecturer in psychology at the ISM, maintaining a strong connection to the university is of utmost importance to me. This connection facilitates valuable exchanges with fellow scientists and students. At the Kienbaum-Institut @ ISM, where I am actively involved, our research focuses on developing effective solutions to address contemporary market challenges, with a particular emphasis on people and organizations. I have completed the Business Coach training offered by the institute, further enhancing my expertise and enabling me to contribute meaningfully to the evolving landscape of business and coaching.


Sandra Sester
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