Human Resources Management

As an expert in diagnostics, psychology and assessment, I have devoted myself to the topic of talent and competence management along the entire employee LifeCycle - from recruiting, personnel selection and development to employee motivation, succession planning and exit strategies.

Diagnostics & Assessment

I help my clients to identify relevant requirements for success and design client-specific competence and potential models. Furthermore, I  design and conduct efficient and fair assessment processes, tools and instruments. This can include assessment centers, development centers, management audits, potential analyzes and executive audits. I also train employees in these topics to become a better Supervisor, observer or interviewer. My assessment projects can also contribute to the organizational transformation and trigger a learning moment.

Performance Management

Performance management include all activities and processes that aim to manage employee performance to achieve company goals. For this, I help my clients on topics such as performance criterias, motivation, leadership of high-performance teams, organizational evaluation, succession planning, employee reviews, feedback, monetary and non-monetary incentive systems.  I differentiate between quantitative and qualitative performance management - depending on the specific team and organizational structure.

Corporate Learning

Organizational learning include all methods of basic and advanced training within an internal academy or through external providers. Topics range from technical and organizational skills to social skills in general.  A learning organization is characterized by a learning-friendly atmosphere that promotes learning and ensures sustainable knowledge management. The aim is to make the organization and thus the skills of the employees sustainable.

Work Design

Since trends such as new work and digitalization popped up, the for healthy working conditions have come to our attention - mostly with the aim to increase employees motivation. Besides the standard legal regulations (e.g. Betriebsrat), topics and design opportunities can vary: life-phase-oriented working models, digital and remote working, intercultural cooperation, technology and people, team composition, women leadership, gender-neutral parental leave and more.


Sandra Sester
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