Art as an Event: Team Building!


Barbecue, laser tag, climbing park or exit game - there are many different ideas for team or company events. But how about art?

It is an important task of team building that the individual members of the team learn to complement each other - ideally an analogy to real projects. Everyone has different requirements - just like in complex project structures. The task is - just like in the project - all parts of the artwork should be optimally processed. There are many theoretical approaches to consolidate the team, but it gets exciting when it comes to practical application. Working creatively is an effective way to put team building ideas into practice. The guiding principle here is that productive working in a group is not achieved through the brain, but largely through subliminal interaction. The team meets for an unusual task at an art night. Hierarchies are overcome, formal structures in the company are replaced by informal communication. This creates - "out of the box" - new relationships that can continue in everyday work. As a result of this exciting creative process, you get a great work of art, in which all participants have got involved and realize that they are an important part of the big picture.

Which competences will be developed?

- Creativity - of course!

- Openness to changes and new things, breaking habits and getting to know one's own abilities and thought patterns as well as those of colleagues

- Agility, because here all participants work on a common, large project

- Resolving conflicts: everyone is a winner here! There is no competition, it is not about outdoing yourself. As a team, you are proud of the performance.

Providers for art team events are e.g. ArtNight or myself (see Tengo Arts).